US Capitol

US Capitol with HDR enhanced

US Capitol with HDR enchanced

I have a new obsession now, shooting in HDR. If you know my taste i dont like lot of post processing. This was shot by layering 7 images of with exposure ranges of -3 to +3. I lock every thing and take different shot at each EV and layer them after wards. I use Photomatrix to bring all these pictures together. My 7000 is limited to do multi exposures it only supports 3 pictures. If you have a camera that can support 6 or more multi exposure you can do this with out the support of any software.

My inspiration behind this is Brandon Knopp.

2 thoughts on “US Capitol

  1. Chakri, This is the best photograph i have ever seen in my life. the second the web page opened, i was filled with a calm looking at the picture. you have centred the Capitol perfectly and the water in front you captured to the right extent with the reflection of the monument in it. The greenery around the building makes it the perfect card. The best part is the colour of the sky. Wow Well Done! Give us more

  2. Gopi,
    Thanks for those kind words, i am trying. I am working on a DC photo trial. Appreciate your encouragement. Stay tuned for more.


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