Stormy San Antonio

Storm in San Antonio

Storm in San Antonio
(from left to right: Torch of Friendship, Alamodome, Tower of the Americas)

Kodak says “a little red in makes any picture look good”.

Thats exactly what happened here. It was pouring all weekend long. I had plans for long weekend to go explore the city of San Antonio through my lens but rain washed away my plans. Finally got a break Monday afternoon and I decided to go out and take some quick shots. There was a slight drizzle so i was limited on what i could do. As i was getting down from the parking garage i saw the storm clouds break away and in one shot i could capture the highlights of the city. From left to right: Torch of Friendship – The red abstract art in the middle of the city, Far in distance you see the Alamodome – Home of Spurs, the tall standing Tower of the Americas. There are other details you can in the middle bottom you see the creek that runs below, River center and the historic Hilton Palacio Del Rio


6 thoughts on “Stormy San Antonio

  1. The photo looks like a painting, a beautiful painting. Can u share the camera settings, lens used etc?
    Congratulations for yet another master piece.Proves that ur best pictures are the ones that u plan the least.
    And u have proved what Kodak said. The little red has really made the difference.

  2. Gopi, Thanks for your comment. This is a HDR picture by stacking 7 images at different exposures (-3ev to +3ev), all taken at f/8, ISO 100.

  3. Wow, what a great photograph of San Antonio! May I have your permission to use your photograph on our website? I’ve been looking for a good San Antonio themed background.

    Thank you,


  4. I am having an event on Saturday in San Antonio. I would love to be able to use this image. May I have permission if I give you credit?


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