Night Sky

  Shooting star trails has been a long awaited project which i finally got to it tonight. Star trails are shot by utilizing long-exposure times to capture the apparent motion of stars in the night sky due to the rotation of the Earth. A star trail photograph shows individual stars as streaks across the image, with longer exposures resulting …

Bulverde Village

It was a grey sunday today and sun peeked out at 6pm, gave me just enough time to capture the beautiful blue skies just in time. Update: I took few bracketted shots and compiled to HDR here is the result

Shenandoah Mountain Outlook

HDR Panorama

Now that i have tried my hand on HDR i challenged myself this afternoon to shoot a panoramic HDR. It took 36 shots to make this. I am not too proud of the result but its my first shot.


It will be 2 years soon we moved to NOVA and we finally made the trip to Skyline drive. The HDR bug is still with me with dark clouds coming from West the eastern skies were beautiful with puffy clouds and gorgeous valley below. Result is this. Look at the left corner you can see the dark …

Iwo Jima

The day started beautiful sunny spring day by lunch there was over cast and gray. Still i wanted to go to try to capture Iwo Jima. This is my first time here and i can definitely say this will not he the last. I tried to take some advantage of some grey clouds. This is an attempt …

Cherry Blossom

After months of deliberation i finally broke my bank and bought D7000 and i am glad i did it. This is an example why I love this camera. This is a SOOC shot and i cannot stop appreciating the colors. I saturate colors little more than normal but thats how i like.