• San Diego

    San Diego Skyline shot from Centenial Park, Cornado.  

  • Popcorn Cart

    Walk down the hemisphere park saw this beautiful popcorn cart. What really caught my interest were the yellow wheels on a bright red cart.

  • RC Plane Shoot

    This weekend a friend of mine Gary Ford (3DRCForums.com)  hosted an event 3D Bash at Austin for RC plane hobbyists. When i first heard about this event i thought this would be the best place for me to practice panning. This is one of those techniques where I knew what i had to do but never …

  • Stormy San Antonio

    Kodak says “a little red in makes any picture look good”. Thats exactly what happened here. It was pouring all weekend long. I had plans for long weekend to go explore the city of San Antonio through my lens but rain washed away my plans. Finally got a break Monday afternoon and I decided to go …